Fayetteville Neighborhood Registry

The City of Fayetteville strives to keep a current list of all neighborhood organizations and up-to-date contact information. The data proved to be invaluable during the 2009 ice storm; City officials were able to connect with neighborhoods to learn firsthand about conditions.

The City's Development Services Department uses the Fayetteville Neighborhood Registry to invite citizens to take a proactive role in Neighborhood Planning (PDF). The goal of the neighborhood planning process is to create a plan that truly reflects the vision of the entire neighborhood. The more representative the stakeholders are, the better the resulting plan will be. Efforts should be made to bring as many people as possible into the process. Plans adopted by the City Council provide guidance to various City departments in influencing future Capital Improvement Program (CIP) expenditures and assist decision-makers in encouraging appropriate growth for the neighborhood.

Register Your Neighborhood

Help keep the Fayetteville Neighborhood Registry current by updating information annually.
Fill out the Neighborhood Registry Form.
View the most recent list (updated annually) of Registered Neighborhoods (PDF).


Fayetteville Services Map

Use My Fayetteville Services - an interactive map to find neighborhood organizations. You can also discover services available at your home address – or any other in Fayetteville -- including the recycling/trash pickup day, schools, zoning, utility providers, flood zone, and federal, state and local City council representatives. You can also locate and get directions to parks and trails, library, fire and police stations, hospitals, post offices, and other civic sites. The application works on desktops, tablets, or smartphones.