Fayetteville Race Series

Parks and Recreation launched a new program in 2015, the Fayetteville Race Series. This series is comprised of 6-8 annual events that vary between running, cycling, and multi-sport activities. Each event is different and offers something for everyone. Until now, Parks and Recreation has not offered programs of the racing nature. In a place like Fayetteville, where beautiful parks and trails are in abundance, there are plenty of ways to be physically active in the community! By offering a race series, Parks and Recreation plans to enhance the already active culture of Northwest Arkansas, while also reaching a new audience. The Fayetteville Race Series is a grassroots effort that will grow to become a premier race series here in Arkansas.

Race Series Events

Details are listed on each event page that can be accessed by the left screen panel of this page. Register for events via Online Sign Up or by completing this Fayetteville Race Series Registration Form and returning it to Parks and Recreation with payment.


There are plenty of opportunities to be involved with the Fayetteville Race Series. Volunteers are key to successful events! Volunteer shifts and details are posted for each event on Give Pulse. No experience needed, just a friendly face and willingness to work!


We appreciate your willingness to support and contribute to the Fayetteville Race Series. Please view the Fayetteville Race Series SPONSORSHIP PACKET for more information on how to get involved through in-kind service donation, product donation, and financial contributions.
  1. Frozen Toes 15k 
  2. Square 2 Square Bike Ride
  3. Ladies DU Fayetteville
  4. Kessler Mtn Jam
  5. Run for the Parks!
What: Frozen Toes 15k Trail Races
This 15k trail run is perfect for runners looking to transition from a 10k into longer distance racing.NEW in 2018 will be the addition of a Mountain Bike race as well. Run, ride, or do both!
When: January 13, 2018. 9:00am (run), 12:00pm (bike)
Where: Kessler Mountain Trails
Who: Running folks who can handle the cold and like to get their feet dirty!
Why: The views from the top are worth the hill it takes to get there. Cold weather run followed by cold weather eats and treats!

Registration closes at 12pm on January 11.