Stormwater Utility Study

Like many cities throughout the state and nation, the City of Fayetteville experiences issues with stormwater runoff. These issues stem from many sources including, but not limited to, aging infrastructure, maintenance of system capacity, manpower to perform systematic inspections, and the lack of formal drainage systems in many older areas of the City. When the City experienced the major flooding event in April of 2017, City staff investigated the areas of the city that experienced stormwater runoff and flooding and found that the list of projects to handle the stormwater issues throughout the City and to prevent stormwater runoff into our streams, and ultimately, our drinking water revealed a funding need of $15 million dollars. On August 15, the City Council will consider a resolution to complete a study evaluating the feasibility of a stormwater utility throughout the City. Please see the presentation by City Engineer Chris Brown that details all of the potential projects in this presentation given to the City Council in June.