Porter Road/Deane St./Sycamore St. Corridor


What is this Project?

This project consists of several segments, with varied treatments for each segment:

  • Porter Road/I-49 interchange:  A roundabout at the northbound I-49 on ramp is proposed, to provide more capacity for traffic from Mount Comfort Road to enter the highway.
  • Porter Road and Deane Street (I-49 to Garland Ave):  Sidewalk improvements, turn lanes, bicycle accommodations, and transit improvements are proposed on this segment.
  • Sycamore Street (Garland Ave to Gregg Ave):  Design of drainage improvements, curb and gutter, and widening to 3 lanes with bicycle accommodations and sidewalks are all planned west of Leverett Avenue.  East of Leverett Avenue, design for reallocation of the 4-lane roadway space to provide more space for bicycles and pedestrians is proposed.

Why is It Important?

Issues on this corridor are varied, and include traffic congestion at I-49, lack of pedestrian and bicycle facilities, drainage issues and congestion issues between Garland Avenue and Leverett Avenue, and an over-built section that could be reconfigured to three lanes with better bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

What is the Current Status?

The Porter Road Interchange and the Porter Road/Deane Street Improvements (I-49 to Garland Ave) are planned to be completed with funding from the first phase of the bond program which will be available in September 2019 and design work will begin at that time.  Sycamore Street between Garland Avenue & Gregg Avenue will be designed in the first phase of the bond program and construction will be completed in the 2nd phase.

When Will it be Completed?

  • I-49 Interchange: 2022
  • Porter Road/Deane Street (I-49 to Garland Ave): 2022
  • Sycamore Street: 2023

How is it Funded?

Funding for the project comes from the Bond issue that voters approved in April 2019.  Grant funding may be available for portions of the project.