Pay Stations

Entertainment District (Dickson St Area)

In our Entertainment District, you will use a digital LUKE Pay Station. Our Pay Stations are conveniently located and easy to use. Please see below for locations and payment instructions.
Please remember, per City Ordinance, the operator of the vehicle shall upon entering the parking space, immediately pay or cause to pay for said occupied parking space.
Please click the following link for a map of pay station locations (PDF).

Pay Station Payment Instructions

  1. Press any number on the keypad to wake up the pay station.
  2. Follow screen prompts.
  3. Make payment (accepts cash, coin or credit card). Pay stations do not give change. Pay stations do not accept bills larger than $5. No refunds will be issued.
Full view of a parking pay station
Should you need assistance, the parking associates can be reached by calling 479-444-3409. This number is listed on all pay stations for your convenience.
Close-up of the instructions on a pay station